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After playing with zombies in “What’s Your Name? True to its title, the quintet asks its love interest what they’re up to, but also send encouraging words so that their time together is even more special. While that message might sound sweet, the accompanying video for “Whatcha Doin’ Today” is a wild, playfully-sexual visual with loads of must-see moments from the 4M gals. Watch the video and then have more fun with the five craziest moments from the vid below. HyunA’s Flashy Solo Shots Dancing around a pole in a tube top and short shorts, 4Minute’s solo star HyunA opens the video with her signature seductive stares. It’s 20 seconds until the rest of the group appears as the rapper struts and shimmies with a gaggle of back-up dancers. Each 4M girl gets a series of solo scenes, but HyunA’s get more seductive as the video continues. Jiyoon Rules the Boys’ Bathroom With six guys in the stall with her at 0: Gayoon Gives a Spanking Baby-faced, sweet-voiced Gayoon is the last 4Minute gal one would expect to get racy, but at the 1:

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The Romantic was originally a reality TV program that involved normal bachelors and bachelorettes who spent nine nights and ten days together experiencing movie style romance. The new season of the show has changed titles and now, instead of normal people, the romantics are K-pop idols from popular music groups. The difference between The Romantic and Idol and We Got Married is that the latter is more of a variety program and is known for being scripted, where as The Romantic and Idol is a reality program where there is very little staff involvement.

There are four female idols and four male idols that are being paired off to have an organic dating experience on Jeju Island for this season. The show obviously tried to cast idols with a variety of fame levels and a variety of ages, which already seems to be causing complications in the show.

Netizens show no interest in 4minute Jihyun’s dating rumor Dating rumors are common in K-Pop, and typically, people take immense interest in the gossip depending on the stars involved.

History[ edit ] — From left to right: Gayoon , Ji-yoon , Hyun-a , So-hyun , Ji-hyun. On May 14, Cube Entertainment announced the formation of a five-member girl group , called 4Minute, and revealed that its first member would be former Wonder Girls member Kim Hyun-a. Cube Entertainment said, “It was very unfortunate that such an ordeal occurred. Cube Entertainment responded to the ban by stating that the song was intended to be “about the pure feelings of a girl to a guy” and that they were very disappointed by the decision.

On October 27, the song was released. Diamond in Tokyo and Osaka. Its Japanese album Diamond was released on December 15 and debuted at the number 18 on the Oricon chart. Countdown on April In an interview with Newsen, a Cube Entertainment spokesperson said that the song was “neither a sexy or charismatic concept, but a cute concept — a hip hop dance song that goes well with the summer feel. Countdown from March 20— The single became the group’s first single to debut at number 1 in Korea.

And on April 3, they also won on M!

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Her involvement with 4minute was 1st announced in May and she debuted with the group on June 18, The collaboration was created for the Samsung “Tomorrow” campaign, and the group filmed a CF and released a digital single titled ” Tomorrow “. The music video for the song was released on October 12, , and it featured actor Lee Dong Gun. In the Samsung’s “Tomorrow” campaign, Hyun A played a fashion designer in the 4 part music drama series.

In November , it was announced that Hyun A and Jiyoon would make their solo debuts. The song was written by Shinshadong Tiger , and it was released on January 4,

Nov 18,  · The day of its release, Jihyun & Sohyun tweeted again: “Don’t act like you mean it” And Junhyung wrote: “I meant everything” I don’t know what was happening between Beast and 4minute, but apparently Yoseob got involved as well.

Nearly everything about this episode is perfect. The pastel colours highlighted was simply flawless. The white backlight made the episode shine in its innocence. The characters made the episode complete. Meanwhile, our court scene is simultaneously intercut with that of our male lead, Gong Gi Tae Yeon Woo Jin , running to the court. As the judge asks if Jang Mi pleads guilty, she spitefully replies that she must be crazy to do that. Which is exactly what Jang Mi explains.

She was doing what she did to the prosecution because she wanted to marry him. But Gi Tae barges into her court room at the next moment.

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Geplaatst in 4minute , cube entertainment , kpop , kpop review Getagd , 4 minute , 4minute , 7 , act , act. For my first review I chose a album that I was super exited about, Act. The album consists out of four very western influenced songs. That are all very different, but still match together perfectly. It is an interesting album to listen to and would be great to introduce your non-kpop friends to!

Hate The album starts with Hate , the title song from the album.

4minute gayoon dating no dating in saudi arabia Simpson says he would surely love 4minute brand new straits times. He isnt afraid to date nankam school weekly idol. Gayoonby a-tg93 issue × voix didoles sur 30 gt-n; shutter speed.

Hyuna and Hyunseung’s return and comeback date as Trouble Maker confirmed! By alim17 Friday, October 4, , 3, Heechul ponders if hyuna and hyunseung are dating because of their believable chemistry. So basically in june ,the day after JunHyung and Hara’s relationship was confirmed , Jiyoon and Jihyun. If Hyunseung and Hyuna are dating or something. It assumes that Hyunseung is straight so it can’t be legit lol. Hyuna and hyunseung’s return and comeback date as trouble maker confirmed!

What is your relationship with Jang Hyun Seung?

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The reason why a girl group doesn’t have bullying rumors Gayoon: We don’t know the exact years because we’re always together. It’s like not asking mom “how many have we lived together? Usually, girls avoid to say stuff that’ll hurt others, but we tell each other right away.

Nam Ji-hyun (born 9 January ) is a South Korean idol singer and actress. She is the leader and a vocalist of the girl group, 4Minute, formed by Cube Entertainment in Born: Jan 09,

Wae jakku, uh Badji anheun jeonhwaga neureogago, neon maldo andweneun pingye man daego isseo Nado ijen deo isangeun motchamgesseo Oneulbuteo neohante Ije dashin naemam jeonbu anjullae! Ije dashin neohanteneun anjullae, anjullae! Oneul narang man itgetdago Haenoko! Geupan yaksogi itdamneyonseo Ga beorin neo! Neo mannandago seshigan dongan junbihaetneun de Eotteoke nahante geurae!

Chingudeuri nan jeongmal baborago, ni pyeonman deuneun naega jeongmal useupdago Nado ijen deo isangeun neoreul motmitgesseo Oneul buteo neohante Ije dashin naemam jeonbu anjullae! Geuman jom meomchuo ireoda nal nochyeo Geurigo huhoe halji molla, neo Cry all night Ni mami byeonhandwi himdeureosseo manhi Hajiman dashi saengakaeboge Call on me Deo isang myeotbeonigo saengakaedo deoneun andwe Jigeum niga haneun byeonmyeong euron bojokae Manyak yejeoncheorol soljikaejin damyeon OK!

Geureomyeon julge, Oh oh oh oh oh always! Baby ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, baby ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, Baby ah ah ah ah ah ah ah, baby ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah Nan anjullae! Ije dashin naemam jeonbu anjullae!

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Share Tweet Whatsapp In , Cube Entertainment announced the creation of a K-Pop idol girl group that will soon be one of the biggest girl groups in Korea. To date, 4Minute has released on Korean full-length album, three Korean mini-albums, one Japanese full album, six Japanese singles, and various Korean singles. Cube Entertainment explained that it was because the group was still trying out new songs, taking a shot at other genres, and working hard at making the other tracks in the album as good as the title song.

4minute’s Jihyun denies she’s in a relationship with ZE:A’s Hyungsik 4minute ‘s Jihyun put rumors saying she’s in a relationship with ZE:A ‘s Hyungsik to rest.

This time, not only do they bring the boys out, they got a boy in their 4th album. First thing i noticed when the mv started was, all 9 members inside this cute little room all pink as usual and they’re all doing things that normally girls would do but not really because all i do is blog and eat in my bed with the lights off. So then some guy with shoulder length hair reminds me of Heechul Imagine you just chilling in your room and then your crush or boyfriend just comes to your house and sees the way you are.

And then he leaves thinking on one’s home and then the nice background music dies and you see Sooyoung being all cool and stuff saying, “AYO, GG. This time they’re wearing stuff like Stussy, jackets, high tops, and hats. It was soo catchy and just makes me feel like dancing. You see them dancing in these ‘gangster’ clothes.

But it shows scenes of the members all dolled up and they’re having dates with the guy who was ringing the doorbell earlier. When i first heard it, I felt a bit ‘uncomfortable’ but I kept replying it and it just got onto me and its constantly stuck in my head! I’m really excited for this change in SNSD’s concept.

But it’s not completely different from their shy girly concept because you can see some scenes and sets that are totally SNSD’s style. This took me weeks to write and tbh I didn’t put much effort in it as I usually did.

Who Is The Leader Of 4Minute (South Korean Girlband)

Lovelyz Siap Gelar Konser ‘Lovelyz In Winterland 2’ “Walau aku yakin akan berbagai hal tidak akan berubah hanya karena aku berganti nama, aku benar-benar ingin menggunakan marga ibuku, ‘Son’, dan memulai lembaran baru dengan nama ‘Son Ji-hyun’,” tulis pelantun ‘Hate’ tersebut. Ji-hyun menambahkan bahwa sebenarnya, dia tak merasa nyaman menuliskan surat tersebut karena khawatir akan melukai perasaan para penggemar yang telah mendukungnya selama ini.

Namun, sang aktris berharap supaya fans bisa mengerti keputusan yang telah dipikirkannya sejak lama tersebut dan mendukungnya. Tak hanya itu, Ji-hyun juga mengatakan bahwa ia memiliki banyak kekhawatiran terkait keputusannya untuk banting setir ke dunia akting.

Chatrineevania Jan 20 am Eonni i have watched you in webdrama “Never Dies”. Wooww you’re so beautiful in there and you are really match with the partner.

Mir MBLAQ Jaebum JJ Project Cast acara ini emang rata-rata idol yang rookie kalo nggak yang lumayan terkenal disana, kayanya kalo idol yang macam hallyu gitu yang jadi cast-nya bakalan langsung dirajam sama fans nya: Mereka milih untuk ketemu di Bioskop. Awalnya rada lucu juga ngeliat pairing ini, dan Jihyun disini awalnya masih nganggep Hyunsik kayak “dongsaeng” gitu padahal umurnya cuman beda dua tahun.

Nam-ssi” Jihyun langsung ngeh gitu kalo Hyungsik ga begitu kenal dia, akhirnya Hyungsik jelasin dia sebenernya bingung soalnya di 4minute nama membernya hampir sama semua Jiyoon,Sohyun,Jihyun. Pas disuruh ngelakuin mission challenge which is: Hyungsik masih keliatan rada nggak enak gitu soalnya Jihyun tipe-tipe ‘cute noona with manner’ eyaaa. Tapi endingnya pas holding hands juga Jihyun nya senyam senyum aja: Settingnya mereka milih di crossroad.

Ini couple kadang keliatan cocok kadang absurd. Sebenernya yang bikin absurd Mir nya, Hyejeong mah keliatan rada kalem selama ‘ngedate’ bareng Mir, karena emang rata-rata obrolan mereka cuman ceritanya si Mir aja, tentang bokapnya yg agriculture lah, pokoknya segala tetek bengeknya si Mir. Menurut gue ini couple noona-dongsaeng yang emang rada ekstrim. Pas mission challenge juga kayanya Jaebum ngejalaninnya kaya yang ‘ah udahlah bodo amat pegangan tangan doang ini’ sambil langsung nge-grab tangannya Seungah.

Sebenernya ini couple cocok-cocok aja menurut gue. Yang nggak kebagian couple disini Hyungsik-Jei-Jaebum-Seungah.


This section needs additional references for verification and support. Pre-debut While many of the members took part in various activities before the group’s formal debut, according to their agency, all of them had been training together for two years and the average training time among the members was 4 years. Yezi also became known as an underground rapper before she debuted. She released various mixtapes on her account and got high and positive praises from netizens before she was planned to become a member of FIESTAR.

4Minute (Korean: 포미닛) was a five-member South Korean girl group formed in by Cube Entertainment with music singles and albums released primarily in South Korea and Japan. The members of the group were Nam Ji-hyun, Heo Ga-yoon, Jeon Ji-yoon, Kim Hyun-a, and Kwon So-hyun. The group debuted in June with its first single, “Hot Issue”, and in December , it released its first.

Jung Eun-ji as Choi Choon-hee Despite being in her early twenties, Choon-hee is the bread winner of her household and she works to make ends meet while taking care of her father and younger sister. Her late mother was a trot singer, and Choon-hee inherited her singing talent and dreams of following in her footsteps. She gets all the practice time she can squeeze in by belting out in noraebangs.

Arrogant and prickly in personality, he loathes trot which he considers low-brow. But he later helps the no-name Choon-hee realize her dream of becoming a trot singer. Despite being cynical, he is elegant, charming and outgoing. Geun-woo signs Choon-hee as Shine Star’s latest talent and later falls for her. Lee Se-young as Park Soo-in Seemingly the perfect girl next door, she is a trainee at Shine Star who becomes Choon-hee’s biggest rival in everything, from work to love.

Son Ho-jun as Seol Tae-song Joon-hyun’s manager. Taking his name from legendary trot singers Seol Woon-do, Tae Jin-ah and Song Dae-kwan, he too, dreams of becoming a trot singer someday.

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Nam ji hyun revealed the story behind filming angel eyes writer before filming started, ‘i’m worried that i don’t have any dating experience. Exo’s do kyung soo and nam ji hyun confirm appearance for tvn’s new drama dear husband of days slated for release on the second half of the year. Son ji-hyun is a south korean actress and singer she was previously the leader and a vocalist jihyun auditioned for jyp entertainment but was eliminated however, she then , marriage, not dating tvn, herself, cameo love cells.

One of the highest paid korean actresses in the industry, jun ji hyun has gathered a massive fanbase over her 24 years in the industry jun ji. Dating and unfortunately, that 30s amp dylas after alleged picture evidences that dating sites ive been member had been swept under various but dating that nam ji hyun of 4minute is currently dating dj span classnewsdtspannbsprune factory 4 rumors behind family event gamefaqs message she. Another clip also featured the “Healer” actor nonchalantly draping his arm around the actress’ shoulders while walking forward as the staff members prepared to shoot a scene for the drama.

4Minute (포미닛) consisted of 5 members: Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun. The band debuted in , under Cube Entertainment. 4Minute disbanded in June The band debuted in , under Cube Entertainment. 4Minute disbanded in June

It’s time for another Kpopalypse fanfiction! This one’s all about everyone’s favourite k-pop solo artist and ex-member of 4Minute, Hyuna! You’re a 25 year old male k-pop fan, and your bias is 4Minute’s Hyuna, because why wouldn’t it be? Hyuna always looks great and has a sexiness that for you is just above other idols, plus on top of that her solo work and songs in 4Minute are excellent. Sure, she’s not the best singer or dancer, but you don’t care about that – you know what you like, and you like Hyuna and that’s enough.

While you certainly appreciate what the other four members of 4Minute bring to the group, there’s no doubt that Hyuna completely outshines her groupmates in terms of presence and sex appeal, and as much as she tries to be an inclusive team-player in interviews it’s hard not to think of 4Minute as “Hyuna and the other four”. You don’t follow k-pop media much, after all most of it is very negative about Hyuna which you don’t appreciate, so there’s nothing for you there of interest.

The forum is run by a like-minded 4Minute fan, someone who like you is mainly in it for the girls and their songs, rather than for then “fandom crazy” aspect, and the site keeps you up to date with all the latest news of 4Minute, new videos, all their scheduled activities, and most importantly, new pictures of Hyuna. You’re not a nutty fan who is interested in stalking them or anything, and if Hyuna had a relationship at some point with some male celebrity you’d be honestly happy for her.

You just like the site for the pictures, videos and music, and you’re happy to enjoy 4Minute vicariously i. So it was more in the spirit of “why the hell not? You didn’t put much thought into it, you just sent something in because you could, you were bored, and also just in the spirit of participating in the forum and keeping the community active.

After all, it’s not like there aren’t tons of other fans on the forum who are far more crazy than you are. You looked at some of the other entries:

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