Nikon/Nikkor F Serial Numbers and Production Dates

It is less than an inch and a quarter long. It feels infinitely better made than either of those lenses and is mechanically a delight to operate. It feels very dense and substantial in the hand. Because the lens is so short it is pretty much covered with focus distance markings and hyperfocal aids, but in a tasteful way. The finish is a black satin. It has a beautiful mechanical structure, with a beautifully damped focus ring like only the best manual focus lenses have. It feels just like some of my favorite Zeiss and vintage Takumar lenses, and thus, while expensive, it feels like a quality, long term investment in a lens to buy, keep, and use for many, many years. The lens is obviously very compact, so the knurled section of the metal focus ring is fairly narrow. It is positioned right towards the front of the lens, though, so it is very easy to find by feel.

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Fortunately, real life is not as simple. Dan dccdp’s gear list: And bundles of money on lenses for those cameras. And bundles of money selling film, um, upgraded bodies, every two or three years.

Nikon D has a Nikon F lens mount and currently there are native lenses available for this mount. Besides providing one of the largest selection of lenses, Nikon F mount also has backward compatibility which means that you can use F mount lenses even dating from s.

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Nikon Coolpix A is an entry-level point and shoot camera. It has a small and sleek body just like any other in this category. Headline features of the Nikon Coolpix A include The camera falls under the Rs.

Two major reasons: 1) the sensor in the Sony NEX-F3 is 13 times BIGGER than the sensor in the P The P sensor measures mm x mm and the sensor in the NEX-F3 .

You most likely have a disorder then bchalifour I doubt your Quattro outperforms an M Having used both I can assure you it does. Both are interesting cameras, for very different reasons. Now choosing between a Sigma and a Leica I have even used the first 14Mp DSLR they released in and at the time I was tempted, the colors look a little better than most cameras.

I am glad I did not. They have kind of stagnated, the issue with high ISO has not really been solved. The writing of images on the memory card is still so slow and the resale price of these cameras is definitely not interesting even 5 years after the fact. As for the pleasure of using them… minimal from my point of view.

To use a reference very few will downplay, I am yet to hear of a Magnum photographer using a Sigma, and if there is one he must be quite isolated. Those guys have used cameras every day, everywhere in the world, and this since … guess what crappy junk cameras those uneducated illiterate photographers use? Why do you think it is? Frill or quality and reliability? Make a blind guess, have an informed opinion for a change.


It is one of the Best point and shoot camera available today under Rs. Headline features of the camera include a 16 megapixel CMOS sensor mated to a lens with 40x optical and 80x digital zoom. The camera lacks any kind of manual controls which may count as one its biggest drawbacks.

Nikon F3 serial numbers (assisted by Ron Volmershausen and John Laughlin) The Nikon F3 bodies were produced from March till October ; Nikon S3 Nikon amazed Nikon collectors in the year by introducing the chrome Nikon S3 selling for an average of $, a near duplicate of the classic S3 first introduced in

Interchangeable viewfinders[ edit ] The New F-1 system has 5 different viewfinders, which can be quickly and easily changed by depressing the two buttons on the rear of the finder, pulling it off the camera body, and pushing the new finder into place. Both include a hot shoe for on-camera flash, or attachments to remotely trigger the shutter. Both also include an integral eyepiece shutter, which closes over the eyepiece to prevent light leakage during long exposures.

When using the AE finder, setting the shutter speed dial to ‘A’ engages a small switch on the finder which puts the camera into aperture-priority auto exposure mode. The normal meter display to the right of the through-the-lens TTL image disappears from the viewfinder, and a different meter display appears below the TTL image, which indicates which shutter speed the AE system has chosen. Speed Finder FN The Speed Finder utilizes two separate prisms separated by a swivel, to allow either eye-level or waist-level viewing, and the ability to switch quickly between the two.

The optics are designed in such a way that the finder’s image is visible up to 6 cm away from the eyepiece, enabling the photographer to use the finder even with glasses or goggles. The Speed Finder also has a hot shoe. The image is reversed left-to-right in the finder. Interchangeable focusing screens[ edit ] The New F-1 system also has 13 different focusing screens, in a variety of metering modes center-weighted averaging, selective-area, and spot, though not all are available with spot metering , for a total of 32 different screens.

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The F3’s sophisticated TTL flash metering measures the exposure off the film plane during the moment of exposure. To take advantage of this, one needed a flash designed for the F3’s flash mount. All these flash units supported full TTL operation with the F3. Among the conventional units, the SB was small and light, and the SB A was powerful and versatile.

Third-party makers like Sunpack also offered units for the F3.

equipment af, nikon f3 bodymore: new: £ rare collector’s grade! boxed and complete with original manual (japanese text) and papers, also comes with base protector and shutter guard (to be remove prior to first time shooting).

He gave the original shop to his younger brother and launched a new shop, Konishi Honten Konishi Main Shop in the Nihonbashi district of Tokyo. In , Konishi launched a project to produce photography related materials in Japan: New products were released respectively, and Konishi Main Shop became the leading camera company in Japan. In , old Konishi had his elder son succeed to the family and thus company head with the name, and in this occasion Konishi Honten was turned into a company Konishiroku Honten.

The name Konishiroku was taken from the abbreviation of their names, Konishi Rokuemon. Konishiroku released their “Konica I” type camera in , after which they would name their own company in Konica’s single lens reflex cameras pioneered auto-exposure in cameras with focal-plane shutters and fully interchangeable lenses. The Konica Autoreflex of used an external light meter cell to set the lens diaphragm automatically after the user selected a shutter speed.

With the Autoreflex T of , Konica improved this design into a through-the-lens meter , using the same automation system. The user could also set the exposure manually on these cameras.

Nikon Fm2 Service Manual

What a fantastic response and in such a short time as well. Thank you very much to everyone who has contributed so far: The first place is the month – ,O,N or D, and the second place is the last number of the year. I cannot remember if this was used on other bodies. Mine has the code 75VL.

The New F-1 is a manual-exposure camera capable of TTL full-aperture metering and stopped-down metering with the included Eye-Level Finder FN.

Ecco la nostra selezione. Scatta tra i e i Molto rimane del modello precedente, ovvero il sistema di messa a fuoco ibrido, il mirino elettronico e il corpo in lega di magnesio tropicalizzato. Il nuovo coprocessore LSI che si affianca al Bionz X permette raffiche fino ad 8 fps ed autofocus migliorato. Un bel set di feature che si fa pagare.

La filosofia rimane quella della X-T1: Il sistema di autofocus offre punti di cui 77 con phase detection. Si tratta di una full frame da ben 42 megapixel che integra il top della tecnologia Sony. Le cosiddette entry level sono un modo per sperimentare questo mondo senza spendere cifre esagerate. Offre un sistema di messa a fuoco ad 11 punti e le raffiche raggiungono i 5 fps. Interessanti, per la categoria, i video p a 60 fps ma manca il Wi-Fi, sostituito dal Bluetooth SnapBridge.

Tutto sommato una entry level niente male.

Nikon F3 Serial Numbers / Production Dates

Gallia, , by Frederick Church A few years ago I was lying in the grass staring up the sky when I made the seemingly obvious discovery that my vision is circular. After that I started telling friends that I was going to start taking circular pictures. There was a time, after all, when this was perfectly acceptable:

The just announced Nikon AF-S Fisheye NIKKOR mm f/E ED lens is already shipping to authorized dealers in the US and should be in stock early next week (on Monday or Tuesday). When Nikon announced the lens, they did indicate in the press release that it will be available immediately. The.

The telescope, complete with the original wood packing crates for the optical tube assembly and German Mount Head, arrived on 18 August from a collector in Belgium. After nearly four weeks of work we completed our illustrated article explaining these telescopes, and now this 4 inch telescope joins our other Unitron telescopes at our on-line virtual museum. The article Unitron Model – 4. Click on image to see enlarged view 64, bytes In time we hope to add some optional accessories for the 4 inch telescope including the Unitron mechanical clock drive, a weight-driven motor based on the mechanics of a clock but geared to rotate the telescope Right Ascension axis about once every 24 hours.

We already have some offers of help to add some other hard-to-find accessories for this telescope, these will be acquired over time for our exhibits. While many other people no doubt have accumulated extensive collections of telescopes, including Unitron and Polarex, we know of no where else where the public is welcome to visit and can be so impressed by the presence of those telescopes that helped to stimulate interest at the beginning of the space age as at Company Seven.

Each article we host about Unitron telescopes already in our display explains the history of these telescopes and of Nihon Seiko Kenkyusho, Ltd. We expanded our introductory index page of our Unitron section to explain how these telescopes were marketed around much of the world under the various trademarks: Look for a new presence of new Lunt Engineering Changes in August This late production antique instrument is in uncommonly good condition, with some components still wrapped and unused as they were sent from the Nihon Seiko factory in Japan.

The set underwent conservation and preparation to join our exhibit on 27 August alongside its smaller cousins, our Unitron Model – 3. Concurrently, we are preparing an illustrated article so that this 4 inch telescope will join our other Unitron telescopes at our on-line virtual museum as well. We intend to add a snapshot of this filter to our on-line explanation of these filters.

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