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It was well used and somewhat dirty with dried cosmoline everywhere. And would it qualify as a thirty? Well, in the Europe of the Mauser brothers, whose rifles took over the world military market in the late s, rifle bores. I just got some dies for my M96 Swedish Mauser. I have some bullets for it. All of my books are for the carbine version. He has Mauser gunsmithing down to a science and he is an FFL so you can send him your rifle direct. He can accurize any 98K Mauser to original accuracy. Daniel Defense M4 Carbine 5. From the most common Mosin Nagant to the rarest of Canadianmade Lee Enfields, there’s a lot of surplus rifles in Canada, and even more to know about them.

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Price includes UK delivery. Superb image and great detail. Introduced to Sqaudron in it had a range of km. The fuze is complete with all its electronic componants and measures 40 H, 46 L, 33 W. It is made of alloy with a steel front plate and is VERY heavy.

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What is a Schmidt-Reuben? Okay, okay, what is a Schmidt-Rubin? Schmidt-Rubin rifles were a series of straight-pull rifles, who’s action was designed by Rudolf Schmidt to use the copper-plated bullets perfected by Eduard Rubin.

Deactivated Austrian Steyr M95 rifle dated **SOLD** Designed by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher in and manufactured at the Steyr works in Austria, this rifle equipped the Austro-Hungarian Army during WW1 and was still being used as a second-line weapon in WW2.

The Steyr M95 or the Mannlicher M is one of the least known in opinion military surplus rifles available on the US market compared to say Mosins, Mausers, and garands. At least on mine, the action has some minor resistance when initially loading the first round into the chamber. The Steyr is fed through a 5 round single stack en bloc clip. From left to right. The 8x56R is almost identical in length to the 7. The safety is pretty basic: This can also be done in reverse to re-cock the bolt into a firing position.


Good or bad price? What is it worth in this condition? It came with 5 stripper clips 4 in Original packages of 2 each with all bullets being original German ammunition. Also the bolt face is welded so the firing pin cannot strike the bullet.

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Have you ever seen that really cool. Did you know that the rifle, called GM6 Lynx, is made in Hungary? To those who are not familiar, the GM6 Lynx is a portable anti-material rifle that fires either the. It features a unique barrel recoil technology that dissipates most recoil energy and the barrel can be retracted during transport or when the operator is in a vehicle. With a hit of a button the barrel extends and it is loaded and ready to fire in one second.

Here is another video showing how quick and easy it is to get the gun deployed and firing. When the barrel is retracted the total length is only It is usually equipped with a 29 inch barrel but there is a longer 36 inch barrel optional. It is capable of sub MOA minute of angle accuracy with match ammunition and it uses match grade barrels. It uses steel magazines capable of holding total of 5 rounds.

Hungary has a long history of producing various weapons, ammunitions and ammunition components dating back to the Austro-Hungarian era in the late s.


Discovering Yugoslavian M95M Rifles and bayonets. Ottobre As a military rifle collector there is no way for me to pick a “favorite” from my collection but I do find Yugoslavian M95M conversion rifles fascinating. Very little information has been published in English on these odd rifles although there is mention of them here and there with little or no detail.

That’s when I finally noticed the odd barrel length being longer than the other carbines but far shorter than a full sized rifle and decided to set it aside until I knew what it was. Fast forward almost 4 years to when I made the bayonet collecting part of my hobby into a full time on-line business.

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Click to email this to a friend Opens in new window The most successful series of straight-pull bolt-action military rifles in history were invented by Ferdinand von Mannlicher — Mannlicher had first become fascinated with firearms while visiting the World Exposition in Philadelphia. Upon returning to Austria, he devoted his engineering talents to firearms development.

Mannlicher is famous for his straight-pull bolt designs, which he felt provided the soldier the greatest firepower with the least amount of physical effort. But he is better known for the magazine system that even today carries his name: This consisted of a magazine charged with prefilled metal clips, holding five cartridges that became part of the magazine until the cartridges were all fired.

When empty, the clip fell out of an opening in the bottom of the magazine housing, allowing a loaded clip to be inserted immediately. When combined with a straight-pull bolt, it gave the individual soldier an unprecedented rate of fire. A small button in front of the triggerguard allowed the shooter to release and eject a loaded clip up through the action to unload the rifle.

In , Mannlicher perfected an improved, straight-pull design in which the bolt was made up of two parts: On the front of the shaft were the two locking lugs and a non-rotating extractor. Helical grooves on the bolt shaft mated with two lugs on the inside of the bolt body so that, when the bolt was pulled to the rear, the lugs moved in the grooves rotating the bolt shaft, unlocking the dual lugs and allowing the bolt to open.

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It was initially adopted and employed by the Austro-Hungarian Army throughout World War I, the main foreign user was Bulgaria, which, starting in , acquired large numbers and continued using them throughout both Balkan and World Wars. A number of these rifles saw use in World War II, particularly by second line, reservist, and partisan units in Romania, Yugoslavia, Italy.

The M bolt also served as an almost exact template for the ill-fated Canadian M Ross rifle, the M was originally chambered in the 8mm M. These conversions are prized by collectors for their scarcity and chambering in a commonly available round, but suffer from a fragile extractor.

For your consideration I offer this very rare WWI Austro-Hungarian Monarchy naval or river forces officer’s dress / parade dagger. This is a top rarity item dating back to the short ruling period of Karl IV, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary between

It’s not as expensive as a WSM for example, not by a long shot. OR do what I did, reload. Brass and bullets are available. Lee sells dies for a reasonable price. Here is a page where you can find some good info on the M Manowar’s Hungarian Weapons What you want is a stock number that matches the action and bolt.

I just find them so darn cute! The actions are not as strong as a K98 but are stronger than the old Mausers I’ve been told.

Steyr M95 (Gewehr M95)