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Optics Facts Introduction Today’s binoculars, spotting scopes, and telescopic sights are the best that have ever existed. Various factors account for this, but not the least of which is an intense competition among optical manufacturers vying for market share. Most significant, however, has been the development and implementation of newer and better optical coatings.

The broad categories include: All are important but foremost among these are the various anti-reflection coatings, which have improved over the decades to the point where they have nearly doubled the light transmission of sports optics. Light transmission denotes, as a percentage, the amount of usable light that passes through an optical instrument, relative to the amount that entered.

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Its my understanding that to find the build date you take the first two digits of the serial and add Doing so gives me the number of Does that mean the build date is or ? Thanks much Brad Congrats. Regarding how to determine the date of manufacture for your Swarovski binoculars, back in the 20th Century Swarovski fans as well as Swarovski customer support started to refer to the progressive numbering sequence of the serial number that revels the build date as the Add 30 Rule.

Perhaps at least in the first third of the 21st Century it should be known as the Add rule. For example, if the first two digits following the first letter in the serial number are 68, as in D68x , the manufacture date is If D70x , then So if the first two digits in your serial number are 78, they were made in ; if 80, they were made in Consider registering with Swarovski Optik North America as the current owner. Chances are they will come back as good as new and often even better; usually returned with the latest coatings, armor and upgrades.

Blue Moon Blue Moon, thank you so much for the thoughtful reply, advice!

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View gallery – 14 images Nikon has almost been around for years, and it’s pulling out all the stops to celebrate. Along with a set of commemorative trinkets, like neck straps and crystal cameras, the imaging and optics multinational has designed limited edition versions of its flagship cameras, lenses and binoculars.

Cameras The two special-edition cameras are based on Nikon’s flagship models: Neither has been treated to any performance upgrades, instead the design crew at Nikon has worked to link its modern DSLRs to the legendary F, launched back in The magnesium body of the D5 is finished in a special shade of metallic gray, with a special stamp on the base of the camera to celebrate the fact Nikon cameras have been used by astronauts dating back to the s.

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Swarovski Lens Coatings Swarovski spend a huge amount of time, effort and money ensuring that all their coatings are perfectly applied as small errors can produce a big difference in image quality between binoculars. Dale Forbes, the Marketing Manager Nature of Swarovski Optik mentioned to me that “electron microscopic images of their coatings vs those of our competitors, is very enlightening”. They have four major groups of coatings: Swaroclean – helps keep outer lenses clean and easy to clean Swarobright – a highly reflective prism coating to maximise true reflection over the entire colour spectrum, hence the true colour output Swarodur – a highly durable anti-reflection coating on outer surfaces Swarotop – Another set of anti-reflection coatings that underwent a massive revolution in when they were applied to all internal lenses, helping to ensure maximum transmission and perfect colour fidelity.

Swarobright Coatings The newest versions of Swarovski binoculars boast that they have Swarobright, but what is it? Well in a sentence, Swarobright is Swarovski’s own unique prism coating, designed for optimum color fidelity across the whole light spectrum. So the next question is what is “color fidelity”? As you can see the terms just get more and more complicated, I guess the most important question is, does it work. Unfortunately I have not been able to compare for myself a pre-swarobright pair of binoculars with the same model that has the Swarobright coating.

But from research that I have done, the people that have reckon that the newer models are even clearer than the already excellent older versions. Below is an example, that I found on an optics forum:

Swarovski Binoculars

Low- to medium-magnification optic allows for placement well forward on the rifle, allowing both eyes to get on— and stay on— field targets, whether sitting or moving at full speed. A tough, one-piece tube contains precision ground glass, multi-coated for glare resistance and maximum clarity. A Scout Rifle is meant for action, and the Burris field-proven design is double-spring tensioned for utter reliability, resistant to the shock of harsh use.

Positive steel-on-steel click adjustments provide repeatability and the whole package is completely fog and waterproof. You guessed it— the legendary Scout gets the legendary Burris Forever Warranty. Effective and elegant trajectory compensating reticle available to hunters.

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I appears that with the optics and ballistic system it will be an asset in the field. Yes 0 of 0 found the following review helpful. Was it helpful to you?

BINOCULAR COLLECTION BINOCULAR COLLECTION “Field Glasses & prismatic binoculars suitable for astronomy” I’m not a fan of modern binoculars, although I have to confess to owning a small roof prism bino, 8×21, for hiking.

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Which Binoculars can your Repair As far as I have been able to find out pretty much any pair of binoculars can be repaired. You get some companies that specialise in niches like wartime and vintage binocular repairs and then obviously if you have a newer pair that is still under warranty you can get it repaired or even replaced by the manufacturer or distributor themselves.

Zoom type binoculars can also repaired.

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Swarovski EL 10×42 and 12×50 Binocular Review