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A police helicopter has been flying overhead in Carmarrthen town centre. There is a large police presence near the entrance to Park Hall in the town. They were called to a property in Water Street earlier today but the man they wanted to question was not at the location, according to a spokesman for Dyfed-Powys Police. There could be a heavier than usual police presence in the town on Monday night as officers continue their searches. The cordon that was blocking off the street to traffic and members of the public has now been lifted. The incident was linked to two assaults that happened in Carmarthen on Sunday night. Bystanders have gathered at either end of the cordon watching the goings-on. People gather at the edge of the cordon Image:

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Its operation was overseen by an elected Board of Guardians, 25 in number, representing its 16 electoral divisions as listed below figures in brackets indicate numbers of Guardians if more than one: The Board also included 8 ex-officio Guardians, making a total of The Guardians met each week at 11am on Friday. The population falling within the Union at the census had been 76, with divisions ranging in size from Liscarroll population 2, to Mallow itself 9,

El Seductor, Carly Phillips X Keijutsukai Aikido – Japanese Art of Self-Defense, Thomas H. Makiyama Novela Aventura, Autores Varios, Graciela Guido X Beacon Lights of History – Volume I (Illustrated Edition) (Dodo Press), John Lord Shrink Art Jewellery, Karen .

WALES Wales shares with other Celtic countries an ancient mythology and traditional lore, although much of this was suppressed with the spread of Christianity from the fifth century on, and a succession of conquests by Romans, Normans , and English. Many of the enchanted stories of the King Arthur cycle are also found in Welsh tradition.

In the seventeenth century, Puritanism took a firm hold, and the spread of Methodism in the eighteenth century further worked to eradicate traditions of magic, although the religious revivals of the late nineteenth century had a wild, almost Pagan flavor about them and were accompanied by the appearance of various forms of paranormal phenomena. Ancient Traditions One of the great sources of Welsh legends is the Mabinogion, dating from medieval times, containing stories for oral recitation by bards in the halls of the ancient princes of Wales.

Typical motifs in these tales are supernatural birth, visits to the Other World, and magic shape-changing. Rhiannon, the wife of Pwyll, possessed marvelous birds that came from the Unseen World, and their singing held warriors spellbound for 80 years.

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Concerned by the lack of government support for education, Robert Jeffreys-Brown addressed the meeting on “The Advantages of a Specific Education for Agricultural Pursuits”. Funds were raised by public subscription: Construction of the main building, in Victorian Tudor style, began in April and was designed by S. Daukes and John R.

The results of detailed sedimentological work on Pleistocene deposits at Broughton Bay, west Gower, are presented. Ipswichian raised beach sediments are overlain by a sequence of Devensian glacial and periglacial deposits and by Holocene dune sand.

This is my latest attempt at portraying the British Glacial Limits for the Devensian and Anglian glaciations — along the southern margins of the British and Irish Ice Sheet. I think it accords pretty closely with the evidence on the ground and with the glacial modelling which I have covered quite extensively on this blog over the past couple of years. Current dating puts the Anglian at around , years ago, and the Devensian at about 20, years ago. There may well have been another glacial episode between these two — currently referred to as either the Saalian or Wolstonian Glaciation.

Many authors have attempted to map the limit of that glacial episode — broadly, it seems to have been more extensive than the Devensian glaciation, and less extensive than the Anglian. However, the line drawn by Gibbard and Clark is so unsatisfactory, in so many ways, that I have left it off my reconstruction above.

Storm Callum: Parts of Wales see ‘worst flooding in 30 years’

Aled Gruffydd Jones — [24] [29] Linda Tomos from 1 November [30] On 17 June Wales Online reported that National Librarian Aled Gruffydd Jones had resigned after a report was published criticising the handling of disciplinary proceedings against two senior managers. A representative collection of Scottish Gaelic books has been assembled, primarily through purchase of earlier publications, guided by the standard bibliographies, and, for books published after , by legal deposit.

Irish literature, which is far more extensive, has been collected through a similar combination of purchase and deposit. However, many collections purchased by or donated to the Library have contained rare Irish books. The Library of Dr E. Quiggin, which was received in , contained a large Irish collection and many early Breton books.

The NLW journal has been issued twice a year since apart from when single ‘double’ volumes appeared. Its main purpose is to publicise the resources of the Library.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email They were sentenced to death for a litany of crimes which included murder , beatings and somewhat more harshly, stealing cider. Some would scream and cry as they were taken to the noose, while others would greet their final moments with resigned silence. For one man, being sentenced to the hangman’s noose was something he would face three times in a series of bungled executions, to live to tell the tale and survive.

Thousands of people would gather to watch the hangings of criminals in a leafy corner of Johnstown in Wales, that would became a hotspot for executions. Such was the draw of a public hanging, with justice being seen to be done, the last public execution saw a staggering 10, people pack along the street to witness the spectacle. Those with the financial means could also pay for a premium spot for the best vantage points from the windows facing the gaol.

The earliest official records show that among the first recorded hangings in the town was in , according to Carmarthen Gaol records, although there are reports of earlier executions, Wales Online reports. James Berry was an infamous hangman in the s Carmarthen gaol where hangings were regular Image:

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April 29, An important and unique historical collection of Welsh Bibles dating back as far as the middle of the 16th century is going on show at Carmarthen Library. The publication of these volumes has played a crucial role in ensuring the survival of Welsh as a living language over the last years. Local residents and visitors to Carmarthen library will be able to view an exhibition which tells the story and traces the history of the Welsh Bible from the year to

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Andrea Scott with daughter Becky left , Becky’s boyfriend Owen Lucas 2nd left and Andrea Scott with daughter Becky and son Jonny right who ran from the beach in Sousse, Tunisia when the terrorist started shooting. The four had to run for their lives from the idyllic beach when an Islamic State gunman opened fire, massacring innocent holiday-makers just 40ft from the sun loungers where they were relaxing.

As they fled in sheer panic, Andrea turned and saw other tourists covered in blood, heard their screams as gunshots were fired and grenades were detonated, and even saw two para-gliders come hurtling to the ground. The family barricaded the doors and windows of their room using the beds and other furniture before they took cover in the bathroom. They even said their last goodbyes when they texted family to say they loved them, fearing they would never see them again. Hours later Jonathan and Andrea crept out and looked from the patio window of their room, which was on the first floor, and saw a gunman walking around the grounds of their hotel just 15ft away from them.

We started running in sheer panic. The kids were in front of me and I was looking behind and I could just see people covered in blood. We later found out that two gunmen had walked into the reception of our hotel.


He subdued the Silures , Demetae and other hostile tribes of Roman Wales , establishing a new base at Caerleon for Legio II Augusta and a network of smaller Roman forts fifteen to twenty kilometres apart for his Roman auxiliary units. During his tenure, he probably established the fort at Pumsaint in west Wales, largely to exploit the gold deposits at Dolaucothi.

Frontinus later restored the Aqueducts of Rome and wrote the definitive treatise on 1st century Roman aqueducts, the two volume De aquaeductu.

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The Blacktown and Prospect areas have a long history dating back to The first and earliest visit was on 27th April , it had only been three months after first landing convicts at Farm Cove when Governor Phillip visited the area. Here is an extract of Phillip’s report: We were eleven officers and men, and landed at the head of the harbour We proceeded westward, finding the country in general as fine as any we ever saw, the trees growing 20 to 40 feet from each other The country through which we past was mostly level, or only rising in small hills, which gave it a pleasing and picturesque appearance.

The fifth day we got to a rising ground The country was so beautiful that I called the hill Bellevue From the top of this hill we saw a chain of hills or mountains which appeared to be thirty or forty miles distant, running in a north and south direction. The northernmost being conspicuously higher than any of the rest, the governor called it Richmond Hill; the next or those in the centre Lansdown Hills, and those to the southward, which are by much the lowest, Carmarthen Hills.

In a valley below Belle Veue we saw a fire, and by it found some chewed root of a saline taste, which shewed sic that the natives had recently been there” Within a year it was referred to as Prospect Hill and became a landmark in Australia’s third settlement, after Sydney Cove and Parramatta, an area known then as Toon-gab-be Toongabbie. Phillip was to visit at that time as well, but was unfortunately too ill to travel.

Prospect Hill was formed by an intrusion of dolerites rock into Ashfield Shale, the intrusive rock covers an area of approx acres.

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